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Studio Doors

Gosh, you know I'm not really sure where to start.

Over a year ago I felt inspired to write, to open up and to connect with my clients through more avenues. At first I was well received, I don't know if it was my writing style, or that my next article was less interesting. My advice article did not get the readers my excitable introduction bit got, and I let it shake me big time.

Since this virus has forced the world to shut down and the studio doors to close, I've been in a terrible slump. I need to post content and find myself coming up against every wall imaginable. Whether they're my own mental blocks, or a sign of the trying times I don't know, perhaps a combination. What I do know is that we need to find a way to stay positive and I need to keep in contact with you, my clients. I had no idea how much I missed you and my work! I want you to know that I am still here for you and we are working on adding video chat to the website for consultations. Because of safe social distancing practices, many clients have come to me for advice on personal care and hygiene through email and messenger. Using these questions anonymously I will start highlighting my favorite tips, tricks & go to basics for you! I also plan on opening up video messaging for these chats as well.

Opening up to even a captive audience has always been difficult for me, though I was an avid writer it was never so personal. I could never-ever write about myself personally. The few times I had tried to journal as a young adult, my privacy was shattered and my trust in others along with it. Becoming vulnerable to an onslaught of opinions and judgment has my heart feeling as if its in my throat even now as I type. But I feel this strong need to connect, to share the specific knowledge and education and the experiences I've been so blessed to have earned and received. I have passion and a gift. I have a goal, for total health, for true beauty, for a lifestyle seeking these simple truths, and to share these things that make me so happy with you!

Together we can be happy and healthy, and health is beauty! I have complete faith in this.

You are beautiful,

Miss Shannon

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