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A strong foundation.

My mantra for many years has been ”Health is Beauty”. There is nothing that can replace simple hydration. There is no anti-aging product that will work on its own, no cover-up containing enough magic ingredients, Microblading will not heal pretty, and lash enhancements will only be a distraction for unhealthy, dehydrated, tired skin.

Foundations, they have their place, in my opinion that is in front of a professional camera or under stage lights. Before you drop thousands of your hard earned dollars on makeup that covers and sign up for any procedure that involves healing, please consider a few of these tips I have compiled over the last eleven years of aesthetic experience. Get these down and stick to them, you will be heathier and happier, I promise!

Firstly and foremost, your skin is the largest organ of your body, it is also the last to receive the water you drink, and the first to lose it. Living Alaskan makes you more susceptable to dehydration than the average person. Even city slickers are exposed to harsh weather at times, only finding temporary relief in our often overly humid homes. Many of my clients believe they are dry (lacking in oil) or combination skin but are actually dehydrated! (lacking in water content) A good sign that you are dehydrated is when your skin is itchy or tight feeling.

Find your natural balance of water intake and don’t neglect it! I love a refreshing glass of water, cold or not. Some of my friends get bored with it quick, if you are one of these friends, consider herbal tea, or fruits & veggies. Many yummy fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon and spinach, are almost 100 percent water by weight and give your skin a healthy glow. Intake the nutrients, flush out the toxins!

Uppers, most of us have some guilty little place in our hearts for some version of these tempting buggers. Caffeine & Nicotine are the top two offenders we are warned of when approaching any medical procedure, for many reasons. Oxygen suffocating and healing hindering, they should especially be avoided when you come to see me for Microblading! Cut back where you can and add a glass of water between caffeinated drinks for the full week of your treatment!

When your skin is dehydrated and when it’s dry, it will physically hold onto everything it can to help create a barrier to protect itself. This action can cause congestion & flakiness, multiple bothersome symptoms that can be simplified by healthy daily choices. Tune in next post, and catch when I discuss more of what to do when your skin starts to show these symptoms that makeup can never really actually cover up.

Never forget,

You are beautiful.

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