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Introduction; Inspired by this morning

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

My first ever blog post is inspired by a tweet from a lady I hold dear to my heart. I posted her a short reply, Twitter as a platform is so limiting. I felt the need to continue on writing and inspired to also share it with you. I highly admire anyone who is strong enough to truly and honestly bare themselves to the world, here's to a new first step, I'm taking a page from your book today lady.

My first ever blog post, so exciting! I have stuff to share, after all, I have gone through a huge transformation! I took control of a life I never felt in the lead of. I surmised, you don't know what to fix until you have honed in on what is causing the issues. Problem solving, I'm good at that! Honest self-realization being at the core of my strategy, it can still be quite a challenge for me though. I am ever seeking to be more mindful of my own voice while striving to be aware and compassionate to others. I have wanted people to see me for who I truly am since I was a child. I felt overweight, ugly and as if I never fit in at school, church, or with family.

Does this sound like an ugly duckling story yet? It's not, I promise! This swan did not gracefully, or naturally come into her own element. I have to be mindful and work every single day to keep ahold of the masterpiece I present to the world daily! This struggle doesn't come without slip-ups or bad days. Let me tell you, if I didn't keep aware of every single movement I made, I would somehow have gained an extra left foot and an immediate invitation to that makeover show "What Not to Wear", which I rightfully was obsessed with while it aired! Slightly obsessing over makeovers that let the "real you" shine since I was little, I made up my mind to actively implement daily decisions whenever I picked up something seemingly useful. In my early twenties I made my life about it. I lost 75 lbs, cleared my skin, and began to hone in on what actually made me feel beautiful. With this career in aesthetics, I have the privilege to learn and share those little tricks that have the power to make approaching each day easier, and with more confidence.

I will do my best to blog about understandable and applicable subjects, including health and beauty tips, information about my services, and answers to all questions turned in to me!

In closing,

We don’t always feel comfortable or beautiful in this vessel or roles we have been sometimes seemingly cruelly assigned to. I have struggled every day of my life with this haunting feeling, there is hope. After some hard fought battles I have found I can win this me-monster over. Take control of your daily routine, and never ever neglect what your body needs. Water. Sleep. Hugs. Mental stimulation. A challenge. Get passionate about something and fuck the nay-sayers! Especially when the biggest one is y o u. Recognize your passions and hold onto them with a white knuckle grip. Get outside, preferably somewhere not completely destroyed by man. Walk uphill, with good posture and an active core. Keep walking. Avoid eating fillers. Recognize your effort, your worth, your potential, and do something with it. Give yourself something to love, you deserve it. You are beautiful.

Love always, Miss Shannon

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